COVID-19 has temporarily changed life and the environment we live in. The safety of our customers, the venue’s staff and our men are of the utmost importance. We’ve utilized the time off to focus on rebuilding our show to make it bigger and better. This means more men, new routines, new theatrical lighting, new pumped up sound, and all new safe ways of interacting with our dancers. Our goal is to provide an exciting 90 minute theatrical stage show while maintaining a safe environment for everyone!

The Men Next Door Uncovered male revue show is a sensational, 90 minute event featuring the best male dancers in the country. By combining the titillating and powerful sensuality of 50 Shades of Gray with the heat, excitement, and primal power of Magic Mike, each show promises flushed cheeks, elevated heart rates, and pure excitement. The most incredibly hot and fit men crank their masculinity to 10 while teasingly engaging with your girl crew. We invite you to meet the performers of the Men Next Door Uncovered male revue show soon! Book your seats now!