Has your book club gotten a little stale? Is bowling night a dud? Does your regular girls’ night out need something to give it a boost? If you have been searching for a way to turn a bland and boring night out with your friends into something really special, you’re in luck — The Men Next Door Uncovered male revue show is coming to a venue near you!

This sizzling show features the hottest beefcakes dancing to your favorite songs as they put on a show that no one will ever be able to forget. With our choreography and audience interaction, it will feel like a live Magic Mike experience! Check out our upcoming shows now, or browse the rest of our site for pictures and more information about our show and about our performers!

A Male Revue Show is Exciting

Even if you have never been to a male revue show, you can be certain of one fact: the show will not be boring. Imagine trying to be bored while some of the most attractive men in the country dance to great music! While you can guess about the general structure of the show, we’ve built in enough interaction and surprises to keep everyone engaged and happy. Get tickets to our next show today and make girls’s night out a once-in-a-lifetime outing.

A Male Revue Show is Different

If your group of girlfriends has been doing the same thing every month for years, it is a good idea to shake things up. While a lot of groups are fine with switching a book club night for a bowling night, if your group of friends is more fun and more adventurous than the average assembly, a male revue show is just what you need to cast off a boring run of books or nights at the bowling alley.

A Male Revue Show Will Be a Memory That Lasts

The reason that you spend time with your friends is to make memories, right? While you’ve probably had a lot of fun seeing your friends, after a while all of the book clubs or wine tastings kind of run together, don’t they? If you want to try something that is guaranteed to stand out from all of the other nights you’ve spent hanging with your girlfriends, a male revue show is the ticket! You’d be hard-pressed to find a woman in your group who didn’t love the erotic and exciting Magic Mike movies, so just imagine what it would be like to see a live Magic Mike show in your town! That’s what the Men Next Door Uncovered male revue show is!

Make sure to keep checking out our website for the latest dates, or feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about the show. We offer two different shows — the Men Next Door Uncovered revue, which features four or five dancers in a fun and interactive show, and the Men Next Door Uncovered – The Ultimate Experience, which showcases seven or more dancers pushing the limits of sensuality with amazing choreography, hard bodies, and more interaction than the regular show.